Thursday, November 1, 2007

NiftyDotNet 0.9.5 available

NiftyDotNet continues its way to the final release. I have just uploaded a new revision, named 0.9.5, which includes some enhacements and fixes, such as:

  • auto-antialiasing has been fixed, so it works fine.
  • example 8's css attributes has been fixed, so it can be viewed properly.
  • example 10 has been modified, allowing to return to main menu.

In this release I have included a new download package, NiftyDotNetDemo, which contains the demo web site ready to run under IIS or xsp2 (Mono). I thought it would be interesting for people that only want to see NiftyDotNet running.

As always, feel free to send comments and suggestions about NiftyDotNet.